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 Lifegroups at very much at the heart of what it means to live out our calling as followers of Jesus and the desire to make disciples. They are best place for loving each other, challenging, stretching and supporting each other. It is also expected that they will be the launchpad for forming new groups.


We therefore encourage each life group to be a place where we can: 

  • nurture and care for each other through the joys and challenges of life

  • grow together in applying Jesus’ words to our lives

  • practise and grow in our spiritual gifts

  • spur each other on to good deeds, living out our mission.

  • pray for each other and for those around us who do not know Christ

  • act as ‘launching bases’ for beginning new groups with people who are beginning to read the Bible and their journey of following Jesus. 


Our Life Groups meet at a variety of different times and venues. If you would like to join one, please contact Louise in the Office.

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