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We believe in the Bible and that Jesus Christ was crucified for the forgiveness of our sins. It is our aim to make this truth known in Grantham and beyond.

Mission is a very integral part of our church and we support the following:

Mark McCormick.png

Mark McCormick

We have links with the McCormick family who work in  Moldova with the mission organisation called Moldovan Mission.

SIL (Bible tanslation)

Mary Pearce

We support Mary who works tirelessly to aid the translation of the Bible working for SIL International. She values prayer and enjoys making creative prayer aids and painting.

Life Bridging Works

Ken & Sue Matthews

Ken & Sue are trustees of Life Bridging Works which is a charity that does a lot of work in countries in Africa such as Uganda, South Sudan and Somalia. They have just started a child sponsorship scheme in Alebtong, Uganda.

Mary Wooldridge.png

Mary & Fidel

Mary & Fidel are recently married and have made their home in Jinja, Uganda. They are currently exploring their ministries.

Ashleigh Gibb photo.JPG
BMS World Mission

Ashleigh Gibb

Ashleigh has been serving in Thailand since early in 2017, as part of BMS' mid-term programme in Thailand. Ashleigh works alongside Nightlight, an organisation which helps trafficked women to escape the sex industry. For further information click below

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